The guide below details how to sell event tickets on Artnicity.

The first step is to select Create Events from the website navigation menu. You will then be prompted to log into or register for an Artnicity account.

Enter the event details such as Event Name, Description, Date etc. Then follow the screenshots and guide below.

Enable global stock – Total amount of tickets across all types for sale. Check this option if you want sell ‘early bird’ or concession type tickets at alternate price levels and enter the total number of tickets available in the Global stock level.


Display attendees list – Check this option if you want the attendees list to be publically visible.


Add new ticket – Click this and new options appear where you can define the ticket types


RSVP – Check this option if your event tickets are free


Tickets – Check this option if you are selling paid tickets


Global stock mode – If you have opted for global stock in the previous option you can define whether this ticket type will deduct from the global stock number that is set.


Stock – Enter the number of tickets available for this ticket type


Save this ticket – Click this and repeat the process to add any additional ticket types. Once complete select Submit Event

Once your event is submitted you will be taken to the following screen. If you want to review or edit the event details select View Your Submitted Events



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