ART, BODY, SOUL: QTIPOC Community Festival

ART, BODY, SOUL: QTIPOC Community Festival

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We are the Purple Rain Collective. We are a rolling group of LGBTQI Black & PoC folks who came together after the Brexit decision to think about what building community, rooted in radical ways of being, could look like in a Post Brexit UK where violence against our bodies was becoming more overtly justified.
In keeping with our various capacities and our infinitely varying lives, we are currently working on building a resources hub that LGBTQI POC can access for anything that could pertain to them. You can see our progress at We have lots of long term ideas but ultimately PRC exists for QTIPOC to come through and say, ‘I think this would be a good idea for the community and I’ll take lead on that’ and we can help and support incorporating that into the running of PRC.
This year we will be having monthly hangouts, Family friendly & Child friendly, not just to build stronger familial connections across the QPOC  diaspora but also because so many of us did not grow up seeing that we existed and thrived in these ways and it’s important to keep remembering that we have always been here; living, laughing and loving. Our Upcoming week of events, Art Body Soul, will be the kick-off for this series of events and we hope to still be seeing so many of your faces when we’re renewing the list next year.
Please check out the full list 2018/2019 PRC events on the purple rain website and grab tickets for Art Body Soul directly from

Much love

PrC x

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